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THE TEX-MEX EXPERIENCE. Yee-haa! Thank God it's always Friday!

Yee-haa! Thank God it’s always Friday and so let’s roll-out the Tex-Mex experience


 Forget about the other days of the week. When you visit TGIFriday’s, “It’s Always Friday” whenever you walked in any of their branches. Start any day of the week and you’ll be served with varieties that will surely pump your appetite. Our all-time favorites are the Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop and its equivalent Pacific Grilled Pork Chop served with corn on the cob and garlic rice. Mmm… that made us hungry again! Anyways, TGIFriday’s recently introduced new set of menus that will make you TGIFriday’s fans go gaga over mouth-watering Tex-Mex dishes that only TGIFriday’s can take away words in […]