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Tony Fernandes fires Celina Le Neindre on AXN's reality-game show The Apprentice Asia's Wednesday episode.

Tony Fernandes fires Celina Le Neindre on AXN’s reality-game show The Apprentice Asia’s Wednesday episode


 Tony Fernandes fired Celina Le Neindre on Wednesday‘s episode of The Apprentice Asia on AXN. It was an emotional episode when Celina (Le Neindre) walked out of the room after losing her opportunity to become the first The Apprentice Asia, AXN’s reality-game show,¬†winner. She couldn’t hold back her tears anymore as she left the building. It was Episode 7 and might be her last appearance on the reality-based show headed by Air Asia mogul, Tony Fernandes. Celina felt that her defeat was driven by Alex’s (Lothar Bauduin)¬†attempt to boot her out of the game and deliberately pointed out her weaknesses […]