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From ‘Open Happiness’ to ‘Taste the Feeling’, Coca-Cola’s new campaign focuses on the brand


 Here’s  a trivia that I heard during the latest event of Coca-Cola last week. Did you know that the Philippines is the first country where Coca-Cola distributed outside the United States? This answers the question why Filipinos have fell in love with the softdrink product and becane a hit in our country. I remember in the 80s, the popular softdrink in America is Pepsi and not Coke. Remember Michael Jackson’s commercial spots? And I would always laugh it off because here, the most sought after brand is Coke. It’s Coke everywhere. Even celebrities tied up with Coke in the 80s. […]


Quick hotel recommendations: Best deals and what’s not for 2016


 Another year will come to pass, and 2015 has been generous to us in terms of the countless things we’ve achieved all throughout the year. One of those things is the opportunity to travel and stay in different types of hotels, from standard to premium, to the regular to posh, and lucrative hotels we all been dreaming of. So here’s our quick hotel recommendations and what’s not that you should look forward to, in 2016. Widus Hotel & Casino Widus Hotel & Casino is a premier one-stop leisure destination in Clark Freeport Zone, which is about one hour and forty-five minutes to two-hours drive that has […]