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Outcast jumps from comics to TV with 10 episodes on FOX


  Outcast is an American-horror drama created by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead and artist Paul Azaceta which debuted last June 4 on FOX in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Outcast also simulcasted on FOX Filipino and STARWorld within hours of the US premiere on June 3, 2016. Outcast is a supernatural-horror with demonic possession anchored on its story-line subjected with fear factors never before seen with Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. The first episode “A Darkness Surrounds Him” builds up the character of Kyle Barnes, played by Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous), who returned to a small town called Rome […]


Not cool, Negan. Not cool!


 Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead are losing their sanity now when Lucille finally met the head of Rick’s pride. Of course, we didn’t see who it was but rumors have it, someone big has finally met his/her ‘Last Day on Earth’. Warning: This article contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched The Walking Dead Season 6 ‘Last Day on Earth’ season finale, leave now or forever regret this moment it ever happened. But if you’ve seen it already, have fun and enjoy our little effort of unraveling mysteries from tonight’s gruesome and must never be missed episode. And we know shit, […]


The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 ‘Heads Up’ gives us brutal cliffhangers


 Before you continue reading this, make sure you have seen The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 7 ‘Heads Up’ first because there are a lot of spoilers here we are going to mention about. Don’t say you’ve not been warned. There you go. We all now can sleep tight back again knowing that Glenn has, survived being eaten by the walkers after ‘Thank You‘ episode. Was that a relief? Not for TWD fans for sure. Because that only mean one very tragic thing. That is Glenn’s fate is sealed in the hands of Negan, whom we all by now has been […]


Watch: New 10 things you did not know about The Walking Dead


 Only 5 days to go and we will be seeing The Walking Dead Season 6 premiering this October 11. In relation to that, Fear The Walking Dead just concluded its 6-episode run of Season 1 with the family of Travis Manawa leaving L.A. and onto the Pacific. Also, AMC has debuted online the Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 just right after the season finale of the show. Flight 462 is a 16-part webseries which will be available online and on every commercial break of The Walking Dead Season 6. Flight 462’s remaining webisodes will have a minute or less than in length. And […]

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 5. The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere episode drops exclusively on FOX on October 13.

The Walking Dead returns with Season 5 on FOX


 Those of you who haven’t seen the blockbuster The Walking Dead Season 5 epic first episode this morning 11:35 AM, well we did, should not miss the second airing tonight at 8:55 PM. As far as our opinion, this #TWDonFOX #TWDS5 EP1 is the best season opener that we have seen from The Walking Dead series. You might be wondering how we did see Episode 1, huh? Don’t you know that there’s a parallel play where we viewers here in the Philippines can watch at the same time it is being aired in the U.S.A.? So lucky that we saw […]