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Let’s show support and vote for our favorite Pinoy act to become the first AGT winner


 The viewers will decide the winner of Asia’s Got Talent as voting opened following the Grand Final episode that aired last May 7 and will close on Monday, May 11, 11:59 pm. That said, the May 7, Episode 9, was AGT‘s highest rating to date with 175% increase against Episode 8. Episode 9 garnered 3.93 highest rating airing. The 2nd and 3rd highest were also Asia’s Got Talent, Episode 5 at 2.05 and Episode 6 at 1.97 respectively. Now, viewers can vote for their favorite acts in one of three ways: SMS, Facebook and the “Asia’s Got Talent” mobile app that can be downloaded in […]

Asian Food Channel and Food Network Make Dreams Come True in Annual Food Hero Search

The search is on for Asia’s next new Food Hero


   Asian Food Channel and Food Network are looking for their next new Food Hero. This Asia-wide talent search to find the best of the best home cooks and presenter aspirants is set to return in May 2015, looking forward on crowning two outstanding contestants that will be given the opportunity to star on either Asian Food Channel or Food Network. Registration is still open for those who are interested. You can visit and start signing up for the Food Hero mailing list. Registrants will later on receive updates and information about the said competition. On May 11, 2015, […]


‘Winter is coming’ inside National Book Store where HBO Asia’s Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne is displayed at for a limited time


 The iconic Iron Throne will now be easier to claim for Game of Thrones fan in Manila as the life-size replica of the widely popular, iconic feature in the HBO’s Emmy and Golden Globe winning series, Game of Thrones, will be staying at the National Book Store’s Glorietta 1 outlet starting April 19 until the 28th, for the series’ fans to experience and photograph. The 8-foot tall replica is a spectacular sight to behold. It is handcrafted from resin in the Philippines, with each sword individually detailed and put together. It took more than two months for HBO Asia to finish it. […]


New Arrow trailer teases with Roy in jail; OliCity finally happening; and Oliver Queen becoming the heir to Ra’s al Ghul!


 Whew! That was a fast-paced Arrow trailer teasing a lot more than we expected. It’s the remaining 5 big episodes and here we are being gifted with with CW‘s Sacrifice Look Ahead one packed trailer of what’s going to happen next. Teaser #1 First we see Roy got arrested and Oliver talking to him. Oliver promised he’ll bolt Roy out of jail. Teaser #2 Then we see Oliver and Felicity, this time and finally, taking their clothes off and getting into that romantic sex everyone’s been waiting for. OliCity has arrived! Teaser #3 Looks like Ray got giddy of the team-up with […]

MORGAN APPEARS AND REUNITED WITH RICK ON TWD'S SEASON 5 FINALE CONQUER. In one interview, Lennie James (actor playing Morgan Jones), revelaed that he's rest assured that he's appearing at least in one episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Season 5 ends with Conquer; returns with Season 6 this October


 The Walking Dead Season 5 finale Conquer ended with a catapulting drama, so to speak. Something to reel in for preparation for the next season which we will all be waiting on October 2015. Conquer was a great finale and thanks to AMC that there were no major characters got killed this time. We thought so, but it did not happen. It was a guessing game as to who will breathe the last between Daryl and Glenn. That moment when Daryl and Aaron got trapped inside a car was a nerve-wrecking moment although we were almost sure that someone will rescue them just to keep […]


Easter eggs found on The Flash Season 1 Tricksters episode


 Those of you who’ve seen The Flash Season 1 Tricksters episode should be in awe for finding some Easter eggs cracking up, up to the last sequence of the Episode 17. If you haven’t seen it yet, make this as a warning for some major spoilers if you continue reading this. Easter egg #1 The slow-motion fight between The Flash and Reverse Flash was awesome! But what made the part more exciting was the revelation of who the Reverse Flash really is. It happen to be… nope, not Harrison Wells, as most of us would’ve thought so. The Reverse Flash […]


iZombie is the next Buffy in the making


 Liv Moore, such a catchy name for a medical resident who is a zombie. Yes folks. The ‘Liv Moore’ is the main character in the new all-Warner TV show iZombie which premiered last March 18 and is undoubtedly a good DC Comics Vertigo adaptation for TV series. I’ve already seen the first two episodes and I can tell you that iZombie is like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Grimm in the making, totally and almost with the same bizarre story line in each and every episodes to the realm of supernatural. Wait… You haven’t heard of Buffy? Anyways, iZombie stars the cute Rose McIver as […]

ASIA'S GOT TALENT. With copyright-Asia's Got Talent Judges L-R Melanie C, Van Ness Wu, Anggun, David Foster.

“Asia’s Got Talent” thrilled the audience with its premiere telecast


 “Asia’s Got Talent” thrilled their audience with its premiere telecast held on Thursday night bowing across the region in a week’s time on AXN channel. The premiere aired on AXN last March 12 and will subsequently air regular episodes every Thursdays, 8:30 PM slot, the brand new series is the biggest talent competition in the world featuring some of the region’s most breath-taking, jaw-dropping and mind-blowing performing artists competing for the coveted winning title. “Asia’s Got Talent” first day episode launched a flash mob event at the Ayala Triangle earlier that day. “Asia’s Got Talent” is the 63rd adaptation of the Guinness World Record-breaking hit “Got […]