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KUJAKU BOTTLE 500ML (PHP 1099.75) / 600ML (PHP 1299.75)

Kujaku Bottle, a handy vacuum tumbler from Japan


 Kujaku in Japanese means ‘peacock’ and as far as English dictionary is concern, what I remembered about the peacock is its colorful feathers that brightly display to show-off the bird’s captivating beauty. Maybe that’s why this bottle, labeled in Japan, by The Peacock Vacuum Bottle Co., Ltd., was called Kujaku. This slendetumblerr shaped vacuum stainless steel compact bottle (available in 500ml and 600ml) is a real catch, especially for people who are on-the-go that they have to bring bottled beverage in their place of work or off to the gym. For me, I am taking this everywhere. I discovered this product through a friend and now […]