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Plausible explanations to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice memorable dialogues


 Warning: This article contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, leave now or forever regret this moment it ever happened. But if you’ve seen it already, have fun and enjoy our little effort of unraveling mysteries from this epic superhero movie directed by Zack Snyder. Is She With You? When Wonder Woman entered to save the day from the rampaging Doomsday, Superman asked Batman if she’s with him. Batman replied “I thought she was with you.” Critics find Batman’s answer a bit dumb considering his alter-ego Bruce have already decipher who Wonder Woman really is after decrypting Lex Luthor’s files. […]


Fear The Walking Dead S01E04 and Gotham S02E01 open up with ‘Perfect Day’ song by Lou Reed


 It was like deja vu. Both Fear The Walking Dead S01E04 and Gotham S02E01 open up with Lou Reed‘s ‘Perfect Day‘. That was one hell of a great opening song for these two shows which shows the melancholy of Fear The Walking Dead and Gotham. I noticed the song being played after hearing it as the rest of the villains were shown and Barbara Kean Gordon slowly walks inside Arkham Asylum. Then boom! I know I just heard it somewhere. Then I googled the recent shows that I’d watched including FTWD. And I was damn right. That song played as […]