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Switch & Save with Watsons


 For several years now Watsons has been running its Switch & Save campaign and it was the first time for us to participate on their #SwitchTest challenge which made us believed that every Watsons customers will enjoy up to 80% savings on their shopping money if they buy items at Watsons. Watsons brand sells excellent quality personal care products of up to 80% less. The Switch & Save effort has met with massive success, convincing tons of people from everyday shoppers to high-profile endorsers (Iya Villania, Christian Bautista, Tessa Prieto Valdez, and Patty Laurel) to make the change. But with such […]


Watsons’ Mandated brings out the swag in men’s grooming


 Men’s grooming got little attention in the era where women were more visible when it comes to fashion and styling. Men were a little bit shy way back then until the metrosexual became the ‘in-thing’ and became popular in 90s. Men found a niche to express their own style to flaunt their looks and wardrobes, and going out shopping, just like what women mostly do. Today, in the age of millennials, grooming is undeniably a substantial part of many men’s social media life. Who hasn’t heard of ‘outfit-of-the-day’? But grooming isn’t just about style and fashion. It’s more of a […]