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NEVER GIVE UP. Tthe Father of G-SHOCK Kikuo Ibe delivers a well-applauded practiced speech in Tagalog during the unveiling of G-SHOCK Shock The World Manila Tour.

‘Never give up’ mantra transcends the Father of G-SHOCK Kikuo Ibe to mark the beginning of the G-SHOCK story


 Kikuo Ibe, an engineer made a life-time motto his inspiration to build what the world has to be known and the stunned by creating a watch that challenged the very definition of toughness – G-SHOCK. G-SHOCK was born in 1983 after several attempts and experiments of Kikuo to build a watch that wouldn’t break –even when dropped. That day marked the beginning of the G-SHOCK story. It all started one day, on his way to work, when Kikuo accidentally dropped his precious watch – not Casio, that was given to him by his father. He watched it break into pieces. NEVER GIVE […]