A Tita of Manila’s Sexyback Challenge

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Yes, I’m in my mid-30s now and a certified Tita of Manila. I’m not ashamed to be in between an #80skid and a #90skid, and I still have no plans to leave that Titos and Titas Facebook group.

I just hate the fact that many of us thirty-somethings experience metabolism slowdown as we reach the age of 30. Then we get fatter and fatter…chubby cheeks, muffin top, cellulite, batwings, beer bellies, love handles and so on. Gaining pounds becomes effortless with all that fastfood and sedentary lifestyle (thanks to the Internet and TV/movie marathons).

I’ve been getting compliments that my face still looks young for my real age, but how about my body? Well, no comment. That’s why I got so motivated in looking for modern ways to lose unwanted inches and pounds, as well as stay healthy and active.

Here are my suggestions, in no particular order:

1. Waist Training
2. Diet with HCG
3. Fitness mobile app
4. Free in-store workout

1. Waist training

I saw a lot of Hollywood and local celebs wearing corsets and taking selfies. I’m glad to discover @slimmingcorsetsph on Instagram and got myself a black corset size 29. A piece can cost either P2,499 (poly spandex) or P4,499 (latex).

These are my before and after selfies (from size 29 I’m now a size 28…moving from the end hooks to the middle hooks):

I would wear it everyday (starting at two hours then increasing it to eight hours straight) on top of my shirt and bottoms when I’m just at home. It can just be uncomfortable when worn underneath when I go out, considering Manila’s hot and humid weather. But still, my months of “tiis-ganda” feeling with waist training is not something I’d regret.

More info: http://www.slimmingcorsetsph.com/

2. Diet with HCG

Years ago, I lost 10 lbs. in one month by following a modified diet (95% all-organic food and drinks) and a bottle of HCG drops. Too bad though I couldn’t find that product anymore and the wellness center in Makati where I bought it has already closed down. I was in my late 20s then, so losing unwanted pounds was so much easier for me.

Fast forward to 2017, I again found another solution on Instagram: @theslimfirm. I thought it’s about time to take another chance at slimming with the help of HCG, a.k.a. the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, after learning that I’m already overweight at 130.7 lbs (standing below 5’5” in height).


I thank The Slim Firm PH team for sending this trial pack to me, which also has a free slimming soap bar and brochures (I actually got a smaller version of the soap…I used it right away but forgot to take a photo of the original set).


I gave myself one month to try the HCG drops and follow the recommended diet plan by The Slim Firm PH. That’s first two days of eating whatever I want, then starting the actual diet on day 3 (goodbye rice, chocolate, pizza…) 😭

It can really be a struggle to stay 100% loyal to my diet when I attend special events by hosts serving really good food buffet-style. I must admit I did cheat twice in that trial month, but I still lost a total of 5 lbs. at age 36. Not bad at all!




Because of my weight loss experience, I’m happy to be one the brand ambassadors for their upcoming viral campaign.

Just a teaser photo for you guys of our shoot:


Therefore, I’m ready to eat all I can this Christmas and I’m no longer scared of not losing unwanted pounds after the holidays. It’s because I now have not just one, two or three, but FOUR products from The Slim Firm PH to help me bring “sexyback” for summer 2018 onwards. 😁

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More info: http://www.lazada.com.ph/slim-firm/

3. Fitness Mobile App

Of course, my first two “balik alindog” suggestions won’t be that effective without exercise, right?

A mobile app for your weekly fitness program is a great help if you’re just like me who wouldn’t want to be “stuck” in one fitness center. I’m often on the move and I don’t stay in the same city in a week. I also dislike paying really expensive membership fees and monthly dues. There are also classes I like that aren’t being offered in some gyms and studios that I go to, so I’d rather not be an exclusive member and visit other fitness centers whenever I’m free.

I’ve tried both KFIT and Fit Access PH apps before and I’m satisfied with my experiences with them. However, during my trial period with both Slimming Corset PH and The Slim Firm PH, I decided to avail the 4-class starter package from GuavaPass PH worth P1,399 (continue reading to know how to get a discount when you sign up 😁).

Check out the classes I booked using the GuavaPass app:

More info (and P750 discount for new sign-ups) HERE

4. Free in-store workout

This is not just the mall Zumba sessions featuring the Titos, Titas, Lolos and Lolas of Manila. If you’re lucky, you can find other places offering free workout sessions (not limited to Zumba).

In my case, there’s the sporting goods store Decathlon Philippines in Alabang. Every Thursday night is Fit-Day Thursday. There’s Zumba, circuit training and yoga and most of the participants are Gen Xers (good news for me!). This special weekly class is not permanent though, but if you follow the @DecathlonPH Facebook page, you’ll get updates on their other free sports and fitness workshops.

Well then, if I can do it, other Titas of Manila can too. Shoutout also to the Titos of Manila reading this blog. It’s never too late to bring your “sexyback” right, JT?

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