One-way ticket Train To Busan movie review

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After Camp Sawi, which made cinema-goers learn to view love in another perspective, I’ve finally managed to squeezed in time to watch Train To Busan at Glorietta Cinema yesterday.


It’s a heart pounding roller coaster zombie apocalypse story that did not disappoint, from cinematography to characters’ portrayal.

While Camp Sawi is a Pinoy Indie-like made for commercial viewing, Train To Busan is a South Korean movie starring well-known Korean actors and actresses.

There are factors that Train To Busan would be compared to U.S. made zombie movies like World War Z and TV series like The Walking Dead or Z Nation, but clearly, this Korean take on the apocalyptic event has its own unique and realistic approach to this breakout. And yes, I can tell that Train To Busan is much better than Fear The Walking Dead.

The story doesn’t only deal with the crisis but it is also wrenched with emotions. I’m not going to be surprised if you’ll hate Kim Eui-Sung’s Yong-suk character or found yourself admiring the tough yet caring Sang-hwa played by Ma Dong Seok. He’s an MMA trainer IRL, fyi.

As for Gong Yoo, his mere presence to this film already sends ‘kilig’ to girls who knew him before Train To Busan as Choi Han Kyul of the now classic K-drama comedy Coffee Prince. His role as fund manager Seok-Woo, a divorced self-centered father of a little girl wasn’t quite amusing. But he’ll redeem himself. The plot says so.

Jung Yu-mi  and former Wonder Girls Ahn So-hee’s casting to this zombie movie is additional treat to male followers.

Overall, it’s worth the P260 one-way ticket trip to the cinema, even if you’re watching with subtitles below the silver screen. It gave us another opportunity to see how Koreans made mind-blowing films, and as Asians, that we should be proud of. Imagine if that shit happens in our MRT stations. God forbids.

But there’s another thing I couldn’t imagine more, once our local producers got their ‘creative juices’ and remake Train To Busan as ‘Alyas Train To Taft”! I just can’t.

If Train To Busan is still playing on theaters nearby, go and catch it before a new movie replaces it. Watch it alone, especially if you haven’t gone over a breakup or haven’t found your forever; tag along your best bud; or bring a date with you. Who knows, she might just need a scream and you’ll be there when she needed that tight hug. Hokage moves, as always.

Ratings: 5/5

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