Veems provides a new way of capturing your best travel moments



Often times, we take photos of the places we’ve been to during summer vacations. Other times we take videos. Taking photos lack the lively moments that a video has. On the other hand, taking tons of videos means tons of content to edit. And if you have edited videos, you’ll know that it is not a piece of cake—that is if you want to create a really great compilation of your summer escapades.


What if you find the perfect combination of capturing lively moments without taking a video and without going through time-consuming edits?


Veems finds the sweet spot between capturing a photo and a video. Veems is a unique photo sharing app with a twist – snap a picture and instantly record 4 seconds of ambient sound – it could be a the sound of the beach, an applause, the roar of a tiger.


As you travel and find an interesting subject or moment that you want to capture, you simply open the app, snap a picture, add a four-second voice or background sound, all in one touch. A photo of a beach sunset can be accompanied with the crashing waves of the ocean. The sound of the waves along with the breathtaking image of the sunset brings the moment alive.


Not only you can take a photo and a sound combined into one file, you can also share your cool finds to the thousands of users in Veems. In Veems, you can easily follow other Veemers to see what they’ve been up to. You can also share your content in Facebook and Twitter.


Another way to share your best travel moment in Veems is through the ReVoice feature. Revoice is exactly what it sounds like! You can add your own voice to other Veemers’ content. With your uploaded moment as the canvass, people can add their unique blend of humor and creativity.


Let’s say you went to Subic and found a really cool plant. You uploaded it in Veems, added a clever description with your own voice. Now, this content shows up on other Veemers’ news feed. They think that the plant is really interesting as well. They hit the “ReVoice” button and add another clever or funny description. Anyone can join in. Veems will play all the voices of the Veemers. So, it’s like a collaboration of many people: one photo but with many voices. The result is a trail of fun as you listen to the voices of other users.


While May is about to reach its end, there’s still time to get out and create the best summer adventure. If you want to try Veems, it is now available for download in Android.




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